Getting the Anjuta Snippets Plugin

    Since some people asked me how to build and use the plugin, I guess I should update the status: right now it's in the current Anjuta release so the only thing you need to do is compile Anjuta to use it. Still, at this point it's pretty buggy (I need to port it to GTK+ 3) so it won't exactly offer the best user experience :).

Anjuta Snippets Plugin - weekly report #7

    The last weekly report is missing from my blog because I was halfway doing the Snippets Editor. I'm not 100% done yet, but now I only have some minor details that I have to implement. In the last 2 weeks I went trough 3 layout's for the editor, being helped by Johannes suggestions so I can clean it up a bit. Will present all 3 of them, as it may be interesting to see how it evolved (and how I learnt a few things about how the layout should look). For those that can't remember where the editor should have been place, you can see the screenshot from my fifth weekly report.

Anjuta Snippets Plugin - weekly report #5

    I know, I'm a bit late with this weekly report, but I had 2 exams in the past week and I preferred waiting one more day and finish the tasks I proposed to myself this week, rather than posting a half-empty report. The good news is that I have just one more exam, so no more whining from me about my exams soon :).

    As I said last week, I proposed to myself to make a basic Snippets Browser to show the database and implement the GUI prototype which I shown in my last weekly report (#4). Shocking enough, but I managed to pull off those 2 tasks (not mentioning the fact that I had to rewrite the TreeModel for the Snippets Database 2 times this week).

Anjuta Snippets Plugin - weekly report #4

So it's time for my forth weekly report. This is what I managed to do this week:
  • Done the trigger-key based insertion (at the moment it's Ctrl+E to insert the snippet, and the trigger-key considered is the word before the current position of the cursor -- similar to the way the Gedit Snippets insertion work). The shortcut for this will be configurable by the user.
  • Changed the file format and internal functions to make it possible for snippets to be common for more languages (considering most snippets from C will be found in C++ also). This was actually something I should have done from the start, but bad planning made me edit almost every single file, so I can add this feature.
  • Ported the macros which were used by the Macro Plugin to snippets used by my plugin.
  • Wrote some functions that will be used when making the snippets dynamic (and I actually have a plan for using them).
  • Reviewed a lot of my code until this point and changed even more :-). This means fixing some memory problems (and a very serious one which I didn't noticed until this point) or just rewriting some portions of code which were a mess.

Anjuta Snippets Plugin - weekly report #3

    Before I start, I should note that the weekly report #2 is missing from my blog because the last week I haven't done that much due to an exam, but if you are curious you can see it here.  As of this week, a good part of the back-end is done, though I only managed to code just the last 3 days once I was done with my exam. This is also my first major weekly report since I made a lot of changes and I have some results which are actually visible. Also, I managed to implement more stuff than what I proposed for myself this week.

Anjuta Snippets Plugin - weekly report #1 (part 2)

    Okay, maybe not really part 2, but had to come with a name to reset the counter to 1 :-). As a reminder, the source code for the plugin can be viewed here. I had a pretty busy week at my university so I didn't managed to implement the tree model for the Snippets Database, but I am working at it as we speak.
    Anyway, for the things I done this week:


    I received a few days ago a confirmation mail from Travel Committee that my sponsorship for attending GUADEC 2010 was accepted. I want to say a big "thank you" to GNOME and it's community for this opportunity and that I can't want for July 26 :-).

    As a note, I will post my weekly reports on Fridays from now on (since it seems we are required to do this). I wanted to post them on Tuesdays, and I had one ready for yesterday, but I'm gonna wait a bit with it.

    Also, I will use as a wiki the one on github, which can be viewed here. Not much you can see right now there, though, but I will work on it a bit.
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